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Heimtextil 2019 experience by Mendola Fabrics

Heimtextil, the most important fair dedicated to home decorative textiles, is the place where Mendola Fabrics materials come to life with each beginning of the year. For 7 years, we present for the first time the Spring-Summer collection, set the trends in interior design for the current year and communicate to our partners our ideas about curtains and drapes integrated in interior design.


For Mendola Fabrics by Deco Center, Heimtextil 2019 carried forward the idea of conceptualized spatiality with the launch of the Fall - Winter collection at Deco Days 2018, and our stand in Frankfurt laid the foundations for a space dedicated to finding inspiration. Specifically, 100 square meters of inspiration tailored to the versatile thread of Mendola Fabrics textiles.

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Space for Inspiration - conceptul din spatele standului

Space for Inspiration, our stand at Heimtextil, brought to light the versatility of Mendola Fabrics materials and how they can be used in a design. It is no longer a secret, our passion for textiles is what guides us to innovate and surprise you at every opportunity. This time, for Heimtextil, we built a textile space with the help of our friends from Atelier Mass.


Made in proportion of 70 percent of the fabric strips, the stand took advantage of a new possibility of exposing and accessorizing the spaces with the help of materials. The transparent strips in the fabric for Vicenza sheer curtains have originally replaced the classic walls, and the strips with exotic patterns such as Bahamas, Azaria Lime or Maui have enriched the color palette and turned the stand into a space of fantasy, escape.

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Trend zone by Mendola Fabrics

In developing trends for 2019-2020, Heimtextil urged us to look beyond the present and create through interior design a utopian world as you like it.. We accepted this challenge, and the construction of our stand dedicated to inspiration comes as a confirmation. But we didn't stop here. Furthermore, we have created 4 exterior niches, which will materialize the directions of the trends of 2019 by Mendola Fabrics, which will be officially launched.

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Minimal Space

Warm colors and geometric patterns, through this niche we brought back to the forefront the Scandinavian style, where the arrangements are simple and beautiful. Through the combinations between the delicate shades and the regular patterns, we created a soothing unviers, in which the state of peace predominates.

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Natural Space

With the help of materials with vegetal patterns and earth colors, we embodied a world in which nature comes first, and experiences in nature become the main inspiration in interior design.

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Joyful Space

We conceptualized the primary colors in a space dedicated to play and optimism. Through playful patterns and intense color palette, we built a playful space.

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Bohemian Space

We put the elegant fabrics and velvet textures in a bohemian light, thus creating a universe in which luxury and splendor are reflected in the quality and finish of the materials.


The niches also contain materials from the new Spring - Summer 2019 collections. Follow our website for the official launch of the new fabrics and trends Mendola Fabrics 2019, and to see them for the first time we are waiting for you at our Stand (Hall 8.0, Stand G78) until on January 11th.

Ready-made curtains and sheers zone

The Mendola Fabrics stand from Heimtextil 2019 also exhibited the assortment of ready-made curtains and sheers  along with other home accessories such as decorative pillows, decorative magnets, tassels, ropes and blankets.


In addition to the Mendola Interior, Imagine Living Textiles or Disney Line brands that are already in stores, we welcomed our partners through the possibility to develop their own line.

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This year, the Heimtextil 2019 project raised the bar in terms of the level of complexity of the arrangement. To highlight the scale of the entire process, from design, sewing and assembly to the final result, we present these figures that briefly summarize the work of the Mendola Fabrics team at the beginning of this year.


• the surface of the stand, 100 square meters;

• 2 walls of the stand built entirely of 22 strips of curtains and sheers;

• 112 lm Vicenza caught on 300 m of rods inside the stand;

800+ samples of exposed curtains and sheers;

75 novelties from the Spring - Summer 2019 Collection presented exclusively;

230+ lm sewn curtains and sheers to make the stand;

50 meetings scheduled at the stand;

700+ visitors to stand G78 in Hall 8.0;

3.200 km covered with 2 vans, 1 car and a truck loaded with construction materials, furniture, decorations, textiles and samples;

• 3 days dedicated to the construction of the stand;

• 20 people involved in the construction and installation of the stand.

Thanks to our partners and teams involved

Behind each project there are whole teams of people who through their activity turn every event into a success. Therefore, at the end of Heimtextil 2019 we want to thank once again all those involved.

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From the Mendola Fabrics team present in Frankfurt, to the architects from Atelier Mass for the design of the stand, Bianca Comșa for styling and combinations, Norda for furniture that perfectly accessorizes our textiles, Vizualitas Studio for design and creation of advertising materials, Nea Garden for floral ornaments, Promoteus for the production of advertising materials to all those who visited our stand at Heimtextil 2019, thank you once again.


See you next year!