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CULTURAL MIX trend: arrangements inspired by different cultures

Finding a multi-ethnic identity is a source of continuous inspiration. The society is permanently influenced by the individual and collective culture, this being correlated with the ethnic diversity and the micro-cultures specific to each one. The upward trend, of acceptance and influence from the micro-cultures that make up the society, determines the reinterpretation of the ethnic roots and their adoption, including in the global directions of design and fashion. 

The handicraft items have gained a greater value, these being raised to the level of art. The originality of the handicraft interwoven with the value is given to the tradition generates a cultural, multiethnic trend, in which the attention given to fabrics with ethnic patterns occupies a central place. The individual experience of each one and the cultural-ethnic identity, are valuable sources of inspiration - for the design of original interior arrangements, with reinterpreted ethnic specificity.

CULTURAL MIX trend in Mendola Fabrics collections

With expressive patterns inspired by different cultures, the Monograma Collection is representative of the multi-ethnic trend. Curtains and drapes with original patterns, transpose the interiors into the international sphere of ethnic inspiration. The fabrics are placed in fittings completed with accessories made of wood or polished metal, which seem to be made by hand. The rattan or cloth that imitates the linen completes the ethnic picture. The color palette is generous, involving a mix of bright, strong and warm colors, in temperate hues or even pastels.