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GLAM TOUCH trend: inspiration from the theatrical aesthetics

The intense rhythm in everyday life, the fast-paced events we attend, the light of the spotlight on the theatrical plays, the grandiose international launch of the cinematic productions – all of these outlines the picture of a glamorous world, in which the individual experiences are intense and strongly shared through the online environment. Designers from around the world are inspired daily by the emergence of digital arts and crafts, creating a spectacular world. 

The fabrics inspired by the glamour universe are less conventional, with strong and abstract patterns in iridescent shades. The textures stimulate the tactile sense, contributing to the creation of an original environment.


The textured surface of the fabrics is often highlighted with 3D models and prints, meant to emphasize the dominant eclectic style. The sparkling details, the electric gloss of the material, but also the digital patterns, complete the futuristic and exuberant picture of this style.

The Glam Touch trend in the Mendola Fabrics ollections

Inspired by theatrical aesthetics, but with influences from the digital universe, curtains and sheers can capture attention and propel the entire design into a glamorous, enchanting space, where the boundaries between reality and utopia blur through technology and virtual space.


The patterns are strong, abstract, and the intensely pigmented colors highlight an iridescent and captivating color palette. Specific to this trends are the patterns with metallic reflections or those with glitter accents.