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NATURE CALL: the beauty of the design inspired from nature

The agitation specific to the urban rhythm is counterbalanced by the practices and influences from the natural sphere. The trend directions of the last years have taught us how we can create real oases of greenery in our own home, but also how to find our inspiration in nature. The color palettes inspired by nature, bring to the fore natural nuances, unpainted, on surfaces that seem unpolished. Finding peace involves stimulating the senses through the nuances taken from nature (terra) and educated by man. 


The fabrics are plain, without a pattern, and the texture is natural, giving the impression of non-processing or minimal processing. The space arrangement on the line of this trend implies the use of unfinished surfaces, in colors as close as possible to those of nature, with minimal furniture and accessories from materials such as wood.

NATURE CALL trend in Mendola Fabrics collections

Through the Saronga and Scandi Collections, we find curtains and drapery fabrics suitable for the natural landscaping style. Referring to the two collections emblematic of this style, the tendency dedicated to regaining peace and balance is divided into: curtains and sheers from the natural sphere; curtains and sheers from the exotic sphere.

Curtains and sheers from the natural sphere:

The texture of the fabrics emanates the beauty of the natural imperfection, this one having a more natural appearance. The articles are plain, without a pattern, thus complementing the natural and minimalist style. The minimalist accents give the natural design subtle modern notes. The color palette creates a space where safety, warmth, and tranquility borrowed from nature, are the key to (re)turning to our own nature.

Curtains and sheers from the exotic sphere:

The fabrics that are inspired by the lush vegetation of tropical forests, transmit energy, vitality, freshness and give the room a design that invites nature to invade the interior space. The color palette gravitates around the shades of green, and the fine textures of the fabrics are refined.