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LUXURY FEELING trend: the beauty of the golden ages

The beauty of past eras can be enjoyed through design. The Luxury Feeling trend aims to regain the brilliance of the golden ages by designing a space detached from a long-standing world. Everyday agitation often invites us to look to the past, to times when the pace was less intense, in which the opulence of materials and precious color combinations materialized in tangible expressions of creativity. 

The texture of the fabrics is a refined, ultra-finished, pleasant to the touch, the tactile role being a very important one. The tactile role of the fabrics is as important as the visual one. Contrasting combinations of precious materials (velvet and wood) are often used to design lush, vintage-style spaces. The materials are also chosen in contrasting shades, serious, intense colors, next to pale, neutral colors. The fabrics often come stylized with generous folds, original pens.

LUXURY FEELING trend in Mendola Fabrics collections

Mendola Fabrics curtains and sheers step into the lush light of the eras through the Quadra and Monogram reference collections, but also with precious items from the Axioma Collection - thanks to the color palette and the finished textured look. The aesthetic directions of the fabrics are oriented towards the sophisticated and the classical sphere, dividing the trend dedicated to splendor into two sub-branches: vintage and classical.

Vintage sphere:

The curtains and sheers from the vintage sphere are made of precious and textured fabrics, in serious and intense colors, with simplified patterns, the tactile role being particularly important. The main color palette involves shades of burgundy, mustard, pink, brick and brown.

Classical sphere:

The classical sphere involves curtains and sheers with classic patterns, embroidery, in shades of gray, cream, white, blue, khaki or black.