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Guide: How to buy Ready-Made curtains and sheers

The benefits of buying Ready-Made curtains and sheers

If you have a window in a normal size and standard shape, you have the option to purchase curtains and sheers that have already been designed and tailored to these dimensions. These products can be purchased directly, without any measurements or specialized consulting. The best way to buy ready-made items is online, with home delivery, so you don't have to wait weeks to get that final design touch of your room or home.


The ready-made curtains and sheers are available in a wide range. You can find products suitable for any home, whether we are talking about the type of material (voile - fabric with high transparency, blackout - which completely obstruct the natural light or dimout - which partial obstruct the light), design (floral, geometric, abstract, classic, modern, uni color etc.) or style (modern, traditional, vintage etc.).

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Another important aspect regarding curtains and sheers ready sewed is the fact that their price is attractive and fits very well in the budget of any client. Choosing this type of curtains or sheers ready sewn (we recommend the brand Mendola Interior) guarantees the quality, similar to the one of a custom product, but at a much more advantageous price.

How we do the measurements for Ready-Made curtains and sheers

Two main measurements are required to choose the curtain or sheer correctly, these being: width and length (fall). We advise you always to use a metal tape measure to ensure the most accurate measurement.


• Width: always measure the track (between the decorative ends) or the rod (entirely, from one end to the other). The measurements will be made in centimeters, rounding up if you have comma dimensions (eg 139.4 cm, rounded to 140 cm). 

Never measure the width of the window, just measure the track or the rod!


• Length (fall): the measurements for the length start from the top (the place from which you measure depends on the hanging system and the type of curtain / sheer you want to choose).

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- For curtains/sheers with rings: measure from the top of the rod to the floor, adding a margin of 4 cm (the piece of the fabric above the ring).


- For curtains/sheers with hanging method on the tape:

• on the rod hanged with rings - measure from below of the ring hanging on the rod to the floor;

• on the tape - measure from the top of the rod to the floor.


Always measure up to 1 cm above the floor or above the window sill, if you want the curtain / sheer not to go to the bottom.

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How to choose the ready-made curtains and sheers

• The width of the material is very important:

When you buy a fabric in one piece or a set of two pieces, each piece of material stretched need to cover the size of the track or rod, so that when you pleat and position them, the two pieces will cover beautifully and correctly the window.


In the case of the sheers, it is used most often, a single sheer on a window. It is preferable that the width of the sheer to be double to the size of the track or the rod, for a pleasant and correct appearance.


These will make the curtain or sheer, regardless of the type of hanging or pleat, to fit on the track or the rod of your window. They will appear narrower because of the folds/pleate than the size mentioned on the package, as the latter dimension refers to the width of the stretched material.

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• The standard dimensions of ready-made curtains and sheers:

The Mendola Interior ready-made curtains and sheers are available in several sizes. Their availability on a certain size depends on the holding system and the pleat method.


The most used dimensions are:

- Curtains: width 140cm x length 245 cm or 210cm x 245 cm

- Sheers: width 140cm x length 245 cm or 300cm x 245 cm


Depending on the store where you purchase, the availability of the product, the method of holding/pleating and the type of material are available and other widths or lengths of these products. We recommend you to consult the online and the physical stores for more details.

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