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Top-selling curtains and sheers in 2020

For Mendola Fabrics, the year 2020 was a completely different year, but full of creativity, diversity and originality. We have selected, as every year, the most beautiful items with fabrics in unique shades and patterns, based on the international trends, launching them in two collections: the Spring / Summer 2020 Collection and the Fall / Winter 2020 Collection.


The Spring / Summer 2020 Collection was launched exclusively at Heimtextil, and later at Open Days. It is characterized by a diverse range of fabrics, from materials that mimic natural fibers, to precious textures such as velvet. The collection also brings to the fore a multitude of patterns - floral motifs in romantic shades, geometric or abstract prints in terra or metallic shades, or plain items in vibrant colors.

The Fall / Winter 2020 Collection, was launched during Deco Days, an event that took place exclusively online. The collection is inspired by nature, the relationship between man and nature, as well as the international trend of interior design to create arrangements with textures, elements and shades borrowed from nature.


So, in the top of the best-selling materials launched this year, there are 3 categories: simple curtains and sheers, which mimic natural fibers, velvet curtains, but also curtains and sheers in vibrant shades and bold patterns.

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Simple curtains and sheers

In this category we find curtains in shades of white, cream or gray, with fabrics that mimic natural fibers, such as Samara, Bari or Garbo, these being ideal to enhance the visual effect of the home arrangements.

Also, two novelty elements from our assortment, highly appreciated by our customers are the  Fire Retardant Voile, which beyond the vaporous and elegant look has fireproof properties, but also Ecco, a sheer made of recycled materials.        

Also in the category of simple fabrics, in plain colors, are the Blackout and Atlas curtains, both being made of a dense blackout material, which can have up to 100% opacity.

Velvet curtains - always on trend

The velvet curtains from the Mendola Fabrics range have enjoyed a special notoriety over the time. In this category we can talk about the well-known Castellano decor, available in 11 precious shades, or about velvet fabrics, printed with oversized floral patterns, such as Cancun, or elegant and shiny patterns, such as Lussuria.


The top sales also include velvet curtains with embossed pattern, such as Scarabeo. So, velvet is certainly one of the most popular materials this year.

Curtains and sheers with bold patterns

The fabrics in bright colors and bold patterns did not go unnoticed even in 2020. Here we can talk about shades and patterns inspired by the beauty of the surrounding nature, romantic or oversized floral motifs, in vibrant shades of purple, blue or mustard, transposed into fabrics like Jolie, Elsa or Lavie.

Also, our top includes curtains and sheers with geometric patterns, in bold shades, such as Soho, Cielo or Teorema, which are perfect for decorating interiors in a contemporary style.

The geometric patterns from the ethnic zone are successfully highlighted by the Mohave decor. Alfama sheer is also in the top of this year's favorites, a sheer with an abstract, colorful print, being ideal in arranging a modern home interior.

Soon, we will present you the news of 2021, in terms of trends, colors and interior design.

Stay tuned!

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