Where can I buy Mendola Fabrics products?

Mendola Fabrics is the reference brand of the Deco Center, which is part of the Mendola Group. Mendola Fabrics products are sold through a large network of national and international partners. Thus, please access our Partner Stores section, where you can consult the complete list of our partners in Romania and Europe.


Where can I see the Mendola Fabrics curtains and sheers?

Mendola Fabrics curtains and sheers are presented in the displays and shop windows of our partner stores and in showrooms, both in the country and abroad. You will find our items in stores belonging to the Mendola  Group – the Nobila Casa chain and the Deco Center presentation store, but also in DIY chain stores, specialized curtain and sheers stores, furniture and decoration stores.

The Deco Center showroom in Vlaha, Cluj is available for viewing only for partners, here taking place business meetings, product presentations and industry-specific annual events, organized by Mendola Fabrics (Deco Days and Open Days).

For details, please access the Partner Stores section if you are a individual and you want to purchase your favorite models of curtains or sheers. If you represent a business and you want to collaborate with us, please access the  Let's Do Business section.


I need more inspiration. How can I be informed about news and trends in the field?

In order not to lose the latest news and trends, we recommend you to subscribe to our Newsletter. You will receive information with the latest materials, designs, collections, recommendations, tutorials about the world of curtains and sheers.

We recommend you to access the Inspiration section, which will take you into an area of ‚Äč‚Äčinspiration and trends drawn by artists, interior designers and our specialists.

You can also follow us on our Social Media channels, where we constantly post inspirational pictures, tips and special combinations of curtains and sheers Mendola Fabrics: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn.


Where can I see the prices of Mendola Fabrics products?

Mendola Fabrics products are sold only through partner stores, so if you are a natural person, you should know that this site is just for the presentation of our products and is not an online store.

For details on prices and product availability, access the Partner Stores section. According to the laws in force, the price policy is established by each partner, therefore the prices may differ from one store to another.




What is the best way to clean the curtains and sheers?

Depending on the type of product purchased, please request information from the partner store from which you purchase the Mendola Fabrics products. They will offer you more information about how to wash, clean or iron the curtains and sheers.

In principle, all curtains and sheers can be cleaned in a dry cleaner as well as by normal washing. Due to the nature of some materials, it is possible for a shortening to occur to a small extent, up to 5% in size. For this, we recommend that you clean them regularly with the upholstery cleaning brush of the vacuum cleaner. Do not stretch the edges of curtains and drapes so as not to cause deformation of the fabric of the material. Also, on the product page you will find icons on how to maintain (wash, clean, iron) the product.


How long should be the curtains and sheers?

Atmospheric conditions such as ambient temperature and humidity can vary and affect materials when hung on galleries or rails. Thus, we recommend you to avoid problems related to their length to leave an extra margin of error that can be adjusted when edging, or to turn to specialists from partner stores that also offer measurement services for a correct calibration of the length of curtains and sheers.


What kind of curtains do I need for an atypical window?

There is a solution for any type of windows! In our partners stores you will find qualified staff who can advise you on which solution is the most suitable depending on the dimensions and particularities of your space.


I have a curved window in the front of the house. What type of product do you recommend?

Curtains and sheers look perfect on this type of glass. We recommend you to choose the tracks and rods that can be shaped according to the shape of the wall. For additional details, talk to your partner store where you want to buy your favorite model of Mendola Fabrics curtains or sheers.


I have a very bright room lit by the sun in the morning and part of the day and sometimes it's annoying. What curtains or drapes do you suggest to use?

For this inconvenience we suggest you to use blackout fabric curtains (which partially or almost completely block sunlight). For a promising result, we recommend fabrics that are as thick as possible, in dark color depending on your taste and preferences.


Do curtains and sheers need to be fire retardant?

We recommend you to check the law in your country regarding this type of regulation. We also infom you that we have fire retardant sheers in the Mendola Fabrics range.


Do you have waterproof curtains and sheers or shower curtains?

No, at this moment in our range there are no products with Teflon film or waterproof fabrics. We also do not have shower curtains in the range.




How long do I have to wait to have a meeting with a Mendola Fabrics representative?

We will arrange a meeting based on your interest in reselling Mendola Fabrics curtains and sheers, depending on the location, at a time that is convenient for you. There is the possibility for you to visit us or to be visited by our sales representative from the region you belong to, after filling in a specific form from the Contact section.


How do I set up a meeting with a Mendola Fabrics representative?

Fill in your data in the online form, and we will contact you to establish the best collaboration formula by mutual agreement. For more information, go to the Contact section.