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Practical Guide: How to Measure Curtains and Sheers

How do we choose curtains and sheers? What are the steps to determine how much material you need?

To determine the correct dimensions, we must consider:
A. the window dimensions
B. the display system (tracks or rods)
C. the type of hanging/crease ratio (tape, rings, tabtops or eyelats)

The width of the curtain or sheer is determined by the chosen display system (tracks or rods);
The height (length / fall) of the curtain or sheer is influenced by both the display system and personal preferences regarding how to place the material above the floor.

For the most accurate measurement, we recommend that you always use a tape measure!
For precise dimensions, please follow the information from our guide:

A. Measurements according to the size of the windows

If the display system is not installed (tracks or rods), we recommend to measure the curtains and sheers after the actual installing of the display system.

How to install the display system:

1. Gallery with track or rods installed on the wall:
To determine the position where the wall brackets will be attached - in terms of height, the distance between the top of the window and the ceiling will be measured. So, half of this distance is the optimal place where the brackets can be installed on the wall. To determine the position of the bracket on the sides of the window, the total width of the window must be measured, to which is added 15-20 cm on each side of the window.


2. Gallery with track or rods installed on the ceiling:
To determine the position of the bracket for the ceiling rod, at least 6 cm from the wall to the point of fixing of the bracket shall be taken into account; For cases where there is a radiator under the window, to determine the position where you need to install the bracket, we recommend you to measure the distance from the wall to the front of the radiator, to which is added 2 or 3 cm.
The recommended distance between the brackets for the ceiling rod is 50-70 cm.


Depending on the size of the windows, must be considered the following:
• The curtain and the sheer should exceed by 15-20 cm the edge of the window on each side of the window;
• We recommend, for an aesthetic and practical result, depending on the access to the door or window opening system, the width of the curtain or sheer to be divided in two pieces of fabrics;

B. Measurement of the dimensions of curtains and sheers according to the display system

1. Measurement of height (length) depending on the display system

Depending on the display system you have chosen, the measurements for curtains and sheers can be made as follows:

1.1. Display system: track installed on the ceiling

The height (length) of the curtain or sheer is measured from under the rod to above the floor, sill or radiator (see info point B-3).

Depending on the type of the tape you have chosen, you can choose whether the rod is visible or hidden: ask your sales consultant for more details.

1.2. Display system: tracks with rods installed on the walls

The height (length) of the curtain or sheer is measured immediately above the rod and up to the floor, sill or radiator (see info point B).

2. Measuring the width of the curtain or sheer depending on the type of the track

2.1. Measuring the width required for track systems


Measure from one end to the other the entire track, as in the picture above.

2.2. Measuring the width required for rods


Measure the rod without the ornamental heads from the end of the rod. Measure the distance between the ends of the ornamental heads from the end of the rod, as in the image above.

3. Measuring the height (length) of the curtains and sheers according to your available space

3.1. The height (length) of the curtain or sheers to the floor

In this case, we recommend that between the floor and the curtain or sheer to remain 1-2 cm, depending on personal preference.

3.2. The height (length) of the curtain or sheer up to the sill or above the radiator

Measure the distance between the fdisplay system and up to 1-2 cm above the sill, or up to 3 cm above the radiator (recommended if you want the heat to circulate freely, without lifting the curtain/sheer).

3.3. The height (length) of the curtain or sheer up to the sill

Measure the distance between the display system and up to the sill, adding 15 cm, or depending on your preferences.

C. Measurement of curtain and sheer dimensions according to the hanging/creasing system

The final dimensions of the curtains and sheers are influenced by the chosen hanging system. These details can be finalized with the sales consultant, who will advise you in choosing the right method of creasing according to your preferences.


Below, you can find some of the best creasing options. For more information, please contact your sales consultant:

Stapled Rings

Rings with hooks for tape

Eliza Tape: Wave Effect

Pencil Tape

Sirtaki Tape: Bow Effect

Madonna Tape: for Rods

Blues Tape

Monsoon Tape

Attention: please measure in 2-3 different points!

Windows sills and floors do not always have straight surfaces. Therefore, please measure 2-3 different points and use the smallest size to fit you right height / length of the curtains or sheer in that space.

Our offer of tracks and rods for the display system includes:

Wooden rods with rings and hooks

Metal rods with rings and hooks

Aluminium Tracks

Roman Blinds


The Roman blinds from Mendola Fabrics can be cut to cover the entire window frame, or placed inside the window frame, directly on the carpentry.


The roman blinds can be customized to the desired dimensions. Select some Mendola Fabrics materials and please ask professional advice on choosing the right material and setting the right dimensions.

How to take the measurements for the Roman blinds:


The total width of the Roman blinds includes an additional 5 cm on each side (this extra space may vary depending on your preferences or available space).

The total height / drop of the Roman blinds includes an additional 10 cm at the top and bottom of the roller (or depending on preferences).


The width and height / maximum drop of the Roman roller can also be influenced by the type of material chosen, but for this aspect, please talk to your the sales consultant.

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