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Mendola Fabrics 2022 Trends

The world of textiles is always on the move, and trends in this sphere have real experience in the art of rapid change. Curtains and sheers trends are also enjoying new approaches, urging us to see familiar items in a new light.


This year's trends have found inspiration in nature, the urban environment, or global trends such as sustainability, and in Mendola Fabrics' collections, they have come to life through different patterns, textures, or color palettes.


Discover the curtain and sheers trends of 2022:


Pure nature in color and form.


The connection between nature and our living spaces is getting stronger when it comes to textiles. Creating a symbiosis between natural materials, colors and textiles we can infuse the rooms with a warm atmosphere. Pleasant textures, undefined shapes, pigmented in shades of light green and earthy colors define the Lush Greenery Trend.


Patterns that illustrate living greens, made up of oversized leaves or brightly colored botanical patterns, add vitality and enliven the interior design concepts with an exotic touch.

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Mendola Fabrics Collections: The Vegetal, Lush Greenery Trend is reflected in the botanical patterns of the Saronga Collection, which includes both abstract patterns with delicate leaves and exotic motifs. The vibrant color palette brings us closer to nature, creating a familiar, pleasant atmosphere. The Saronga Collection transforms plant patterns into pieces of art, which give life to the arrangements and remind us of the purity of nature and its diversity.


Inspired by the simplicity and longevity of the Scandinavian style, the Organic Essence trend is characterized by monotonous shades of beige, gray and white and dark shades, which bring a new dimension to the color palette. This trend has an authentic and minimalist personality, functionality and longevity being the focus.


The trend brings a new approach to the texture of fabrics, combining materials of different density and weight. The main stake is to find a perfect balance between color and texture, bringing compositions and concepts full of harmony. The visual balance is given by earthy shades, which naturalness to the spaces. This trend is influenced by the Scandinavian style, a style defined by simplicity and naturalness.

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Mendola Fabrics Collections: The play of textures and the beauty of simplicity are featured in the Scandi and Basic Collections. Natural-looking fabrics, balanced shades and a mix of textures define these two collections. The color palette in neutral tones emphasizes the interior arrangements and creates a minimalist, clean concept.

ECO curtains and sheers, made of recycled materials

Excessive consumption of limited resources has led to a rethinking of how we can use materials. The ways of creating new products have been rethought, contributing to the rise of recycled polyester materials. The demand for sustainable textiles is growing, and the Eco range of Mendola Fabrics products is becoming more varied every year.

What is recycled polyester?

Recycled polyester gives new life to PET bottles and other polyester sources. The material gets a new use in the form of textiles, packaging, or even decorative objects. Thus, we manage to protect the environment.


Products made from recycled polyester are as clean and safe as those made from conventional polyester, only with the added benefit of using a smaller amount of new raw materials.


The Urban Expression trend requires the courage to be different. Large and small geometric patterns give depth to the fabrics and provide an unrestricted artistic expression. The unique combinations of shades and fabrics result in a harmonious play of colors and textures full of vitality.


The sumptuous color palette and dramatic prints are a statement element in any room.

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Mendola Fabrics Collections: Bold patterns and primary colors with strong character are the stars of the Archiline and Monograma collections. These two collections combine curtains and sheers with statement, ethnic-inspired patterns or geometric or abstract elements.


Bold patterns in bright shades are a way for creativity to come to life and give vitality to spaces. This trend is found in the expressive patterns of Salto, Icarus or Ercole curtains.


The Timeless Grace Trend reunited unique fabrics, in jewel tone colors. The materials of a charming finesse remind us of past eras, in which we step into a dream-like world of rich folds and the ample textures of the fabrics.


The tactile feel plays a very important role, and the rich and refined textures emphasize the characteristics of the trend. The intense colors are combined with neutral shades to create visual contrasts, to design lush spaces, in classic, vintage style.

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Mendola Fabrics Collections: This trend is illustrated by the Jade, Quadra and Axioma collections, coming to life thanks to the mother-of-pearl shades, classic patterns, and imposing textures.


The Jade Collection is enriched with memorable materials, which reflect light and bring the materials to life due to the bright, shiny or sparkling elements.


The Quadra Collection is defined by classic patterns and vintage elements, which give interiors a timeless look.


The Axioma Collection is dedicated to the most representative curtains and sheers of Mendola Fabrics items, so the classic models and the color palette that define the sophisticated style are also included in this collection.


The enchanting energy of the Full Bloom trend inspires delicacy and optimism. Floral patterns intertwine with pastel shades and fine textures and create a romantic atmosphere in which embroidered or printed, abstract or classic flowers bring a playful, fresh air to the rooms.


Whether it is voluminous floral patterns or fine floral details, floral patterns suggest the idea of ​​hope, flowering and transformation and invite us to dream of a future in full bloom. The Floral trend is influenced by the Romantic style, in which the materials create an intimate atmosphere.

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Mendola Fabrics Collections: The Riviera Collection is dedicated to this trend. Floral motifs occupy an important place in the Mendola Fabrics collections, this trend being one that defines a large part of our curtains and sheers.


The floral elements are hidden in fine embroidered details or are in the center of attention as oversized motifs in shades of pink, purple or yellow. Large floral patterns, such as Cubano, Nirvana or Kerida curtains - can be used as statement elements, while delicate patterns such as Caresse, Eolia or Midi discreetly complete the arrangement.