Mendola Fabrics textiles are conceptualized through collections, being a kaleidoscope of patterns, colors and textures.

Mendola Fabrics curtains and sheers offer a distinctive signature with a defined style of vivid, contemporary and imaginative materials.



The most representative Mendola Fabrics curtains and sheers.

Velvets, refined fabrics in intense shades, Axioma presents expressive patterns and unexpected combinations of styles.



Scandinavian style fabrics. Minimalist patterns.

Scandi Collection is dedicated to the minimalist interiors. Plain curtains and linen look sheers are definitory for this collection.


Curtains and sheers with pearly accents.

Patterns with metallic accents in temperate shades, suitable for a sophisticated and abstract interior.


Elegant fabrics, classic patterns and embroided details

Elegant curtains and drapes with timeless patterns in classic style. Elegant embroideries and patterns, in balanced shades.


Expressive ethnic patterns, vibrant colors

Curtains and sheers with abstract patterns in contrasting colors perfect for complementing an ethnic style interior design.


Geometric patterns, basic colors & urban trend

Archiline curtains and sheers are part of the simplicity of the contemporary arhitectural style.


Vegetal patterns in intense green shades

Curtains and sheers with vegetal patterns in strong contrasting shades: voluminous leafs, palms, exotic flowers.


Romantic floral patterns

Curtains and sheers with floral patterns and delicate embroidery, in pastel shades of pink.


Simple and plain textiles, basic fabrics

Plain curtains and sheers and basic fabrics as: voile, batiste, blackout. Basic Collection is dedicated to simplicity.


Collection dedicated to design.

The Eclipse fabrics stand out with their fine texture, intense colors and original patterns. 

City Inspiration

The bohemian atmosphere of the big cities

Curtains and drapes with urban motifs, models inspired by the big cities of the world.

Destination Kitchen

Kitchen sheers

Floral patterns or with motifs inspired by the kitchen space, short or long length, choose the right curtain for your kitchen.